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Edirol UA-1X sound issues

The UA-1X is not new, but still a nice device. Works normally like a charm, but I have an issue that I was not yet able to resolve. But maybe someone else can.

Here we go:

I have two laptops on which I want to use the Edirol. On my quite old and trusty Compaq Armada M700 the Edirol works as intented with XP SP3. But on my – not so old, but not fresh anymore – HP Compaq nc4000 the Edirol installs itself only as an input device. No possibility to route sound to the output ports. Tried a lot, including installation of ASIO4ALL and XP SP3, but no success.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Update: may be an issue with the USB controller of the nc4000. But not finally sure.



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