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I have been piling up a few articles in my Tabs for a while, but now it is time to share them with you.

Some excellent blogs from sourcing advisors or guys working in the field, plus a link to the survey on the best advisors for outsourcing deals 2009.

Phil Fersht of AMR Research runs the blog “Horses for Sources“.

A great source of inspiration. A few posts that may be of interest for you:

What’s happening to sourcing advice? – what should advisors do in these challenging times?

What to look for in a sourcing advisor – 10 excellent points on what the advisory firms should have as competencies

Think before you fire: The cost of replacing IT talent – seen that too often. Everybody knows that IT people need a lot of knowledge that cannot easily be obtained. It is so stupid to stard demanning in IT in the first place.

The low-cost outsourcing advisors are on the march… – or why the smaller boutiques can be more interesting than the big companies.

Doing nothing is not an option – guest post from Lee Ann Moore, Chief Marketing Officer, Equaterra.

Another one, linked more than once before, Vinnie Mirchandani from Deal Architect. He´s in the blogroll, for good reasons.

The elephant in the software maintenance room – or why third-party maintenance could bring the hilarious high margins for software maintenance down.

“Previous IT Project Failures Do Not Matter When Picking An IT Service Provider” – but they should.

“The toughest question there is” – when to quit. For my friend Cem, who had a similar thought a while ago.

Open Letter? Try Showing them the Open Door – how you should approach Oracle and attack their maintenance rates.

The company blog of TPI, with a nice post:

IT Trends Impacting Outsourcing Agreements

And the promised link to the Black Book of Outsourcing. After registration some good downloads, especially on the most recent survey on sourcing advisors and their evaluation in the market. Recommended.

2 Responses to “Outsourcing Advisors”

  1. 1 H. Morris, General Motors February 18, 2009 at 11:36 pm

    Thanks so much…particularly the Black Book of Outsourcing link. Since you turned us on to it, our whole division has been diving into it all day! We appreciate you opening our eyes to it. What a great resource – this one tip will save us thousands in consultant costs!

  2. 2 vinnie mirchandani February 19, 2009 at 12:30 am

    thanks for the nice words!!

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