Year wrap-up

2008 is coming to an end. Time for a brief wrap-up.

I have been on business travel for almost 100 days this year, staying over 60 days in hotels. Been to a quite few countries this year, a lot to Norway (no surprise), but also to the USA, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Belgium and the UK.

And next year will be a as well a busy year with difficult economic conditions in our industry.

From Jan 1st, I will take over as acting Head of Infrastructure Services in Information Systems and report to the CIO in Norsk Hydro. This promotion from my current position came quite as a surprise before Christmas. I am thankful for the opportunity given and the trust that my bosses have put in me throughout the last year.

But the biggest thanks this year go again to my wife and my two girls that support me all the time, whether I am at home or traveling. Without their love and support, even when we face difficult situations, this would not be possible.

Blogging will resume in January, but I cannot promise that the frequency will increase over what you have seen this year. But anyway, if it´s interesting for you, stop by and share your reflections. That´s what makes it interesting, communication is no one-way street.

Having said that, all the best for the New Year, take care and see you on the other side!