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Emil Stenström: Follow the 10 ground rules, or fail on the web

1. Everyone is anonymous on the web, if they want to

2. Give your content away for free, or watch someone else do it

3. Linking is the core of the web, make people want to link to you

4. Link to external sites with good content, it’s all about servicing your users

5. People will copy your content, and there’s nothing you can do about it

6. Use the web to communicate with your users, or watch your impact fade

7. Communicate with your users in natural language, marketing speech has no place on the web

8. Be honest about what your strengths are, liars are easily uncovered

9. Care about search engines, and double your number of users

10. Encouraging and acting upon feedback is currently the best form of marketing

Managing Leadership: Exploiting Success

The best cost-cutting program would shut down the programs which are eating up 80% of your effort for only 20% of your return. Then redeploy the assets that had been wastefully tied up in them to where they can exploit success and help create increased revenue, rather than leave them reinforcing failure and generating unproductive costs.

Coding Horror: The Problem With Logging

When it comes to logging, the right answer is not “yes, always, and as much as possible.” Resist the tendency to log everything. Start small and simple, logging only the most obvious and critical of errors. Add (or ideally, inject) more logging only as demonstrated by specific, verifiable needs.

Wayne Smallmann: Ebook: Beginner’s Guide to Social Media. Download here. Worth a read.

The Daily Mail: How they shot The Godfather. FAN-TAS-TIC.

Volker calls this the Mother of all Demos. Indeed. And this happened already 40 years ago.

Why the simple recipe “Use Unicode” does not really work when you think a second longer about the challenges you will face when internationalization of an application (via).

Lifehacker: Top 10 Things You Forgot Gmail Can Do

10. Change Gmail’s look entirely with themes.

9. Launch video and audio chats, no Skype required.

8. Back up your email from any system.

7. See all the places where you’re signed in, and remotely sign out.

6. Serve as a central, synchronized, smarter contact list.

5. Consolidate all your email accounts.

4. Help friends find their own Gmail messages or bookmark your own.

3. Keep your Gmail account(s) on your desktop.

2. Give you total search power.

1. Do much, much more with Gmail Labs experimental features. 7 Things IT Managers Should Know About Lotus Notes (via)

1. Notes is more than “just e-mail.”

2. Notes and Domino is a powerful (and open) application development platform.

3. Notes is the client, Domino is the server.

4. Notes has a long history of backward compatibility.

5. Replication lets you work both online and offline.

6. Notes applications can be built for both the Notes client and for Web browsers.

7. Notes is “not dead.”