Microsoft .Net Service Bus and Ta-Da lists on EC2

ah well, both topics are only related to each other as both are linked to Cloud Computing Services.

First of all, Clemens Vasters with a nice post explaining the Microsoft .Net Service Bus of Azure:

The good news is that Microsoft .NET Service Bus provides a range of bidirectional, peer-to-peer connectivity options including relayed communication. You don’t have to build your own or run your own; you can use this Building Block instead. The .NET Service Bus covers four logical feature areas: Naming, Registry, Connectivity, and Eventing.

Secondly, Joshua Sierles of 37signals reporting on the move of Ta-Da lists to ails 2.2, Phusion Passenger and Amazon EC2. One quick take:

Avoiding the extra layer of low-level setup involved with our current Xen-based virtualization system brought me closer to the core concerns of our environment – how to best automate support for the applications from the systems side. More often than not, a traditional server deployment consists of a range or organically provisioned services and environments. Ours is no exception, due to the rapidly-changing requirements of each application. EC2’s lack of persistence forces you to think about automating this from the start. This turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Setting up a full environment consisting of dedicated instances for mail, Nagios/remote logging, application serving, a master and a slave now takes about 5 minutes.