GE and the Cloud

Found some interesting pieces in a post from Vinnie. Aside from GE going for Zoho that I mentioned a while ago, there is more:

ZDnet reports on GE’s Enterprise Collaboration Backbone SupportCentral:

The numbers are huge: 400,000 global users in 6,000+ locations around world, all working within a 100% web interface available in 20 languages (your user interface language is defined by your sign in permissions). The system gets over 25 million web hits a day, greater than employee usage of Google and Yahoo combined. Users have created over 50,000 communities with over 100,000 experts signed up to answer questions and manage information; experts are GE workers with full-time jobs who use the system because it helps them do their job better.

The system is so large that GE have their own internal cloud, with hosting costs lower than Amazon’s S3. There is also available for all users, including those with no IT background, a mature and sophisticated mashup system to develop simple to complex business applications with just point and click.

Boom. As well, GE is going to use Aravo Supplier Information Management to manage its 500.000 suppliers:

GE is using a small software-as-a-service company for an online repository of information on 500,000 global suppliers. It’s an example of how even the very largest of companies are getting more comfortable with having their critical business data managed in a SaaS environment.GE, with revenues last year of $172.7 billion, made Aravo Solution’s supplier-information management service available to employees in mid-October. It’s available in six languages to any of GE’s 300,000 employees worldwide involved in the supply procurement process, including workers that order office supplies, managers that negotiate large commodity purchases, and legal staffers that ensure suppliers are in compliance with local laws and taxes. Features, functions, and information access vary depending on user roles.

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