Will this tech recession will be different?

George F. Colony, CEO of Forrester Research, thinks so.

His main arguments are:

1) Tech will be down, but not out.

2) Transformation and innovation will lead recovery.

3) Tech is everywhere.

4) Customers live on tech.

5) Tech issues are burning.

Tech suffers when GDP growth stalls — that is always the case. But the tech environment has transitioned since the 2001-2002 hurricane — meaning that this time around will not be as severe.

I think he is partially right. Vinnie is a bit more sceptic:

… I already see bigger, incumbent vendors digging in to protect their revenues and margins from older “utility” areas – in “uplifts” for older software releases, in print consumables and roaming mobile charges and outsourced processing and storage. Many, many items which should have been declining nicely for years but continue to crowd out budgets for innovation projects.

If such vendors continue to win, this tech recession may end up being no different from previous ones.  And that would be depressing.

Indeed. So hope for the best and see that your company is making the right movements despite rough environments and shaky business conditions.