Nine most contentious IT Issues for the next two years

and they are, according to Gartner:

Issue 1 – Business Expectations for IT have outstripped IT’s Internal Capability to Deliver.

Issue 2 – How to More Rapidly Modernize Infrastructure and Operations and Reduce Costs.

Issue 3 – Business Accountability for Security and Risk Management.

Issue 4 – Lack of Business Intelligence Sponsorship.

Issue 5 – How Do I Get My Vendor to Deliver What I was Promised?

Issue 6 – “Turf”

Issue 7 – Should We Modernize Applications? If So, When?

Issue 8 – To Whom Should Business Process Professionals Report?

Issue 9 – How Much Formal Process is Needed for Program and Portfolio Management?

Definitively interesting issues. How important are they in your business? And how do you deal with the current environment and the growing uncertainty?