interesting: worries emerge over

Really interesting find (thanks Ross):

ZDNET reports that has been downgraded from buy to sell by an UBS analyst.

Reasons mentioned are:

software as a service companies are likely to face the same headwinds as larger applications vendors. Meanwhile, is targeting larger enterprises and that means it faces a slower buying cycle.

Other concerns that have been raised by  watchers in recent quarters and are reflected in the change include:

  • Deferring revenue growth is slowing and has disappointed for three quarters;
  • is targeting large companies and increasingly facing the likes of Oracle and SAP.
  • And projecting IT spending is a dicey endeavor right now.

Well, if they come to behave like the other vendors in the marketspace, they cannot exclude them from the same trends that the other vendors are exposed to. And it is different if you have a gazillion of small customers where entry levels are significant lower than going for large enterprises where the barriers are higher, especially in shaky times like now.