Amazon brings Oracle into the cloud

Slightly related to the previous post, but also different: Oracle Enters the AWS Cloud

What´s that about? Now you can build applications on AWS that live on top of Oracle databases that are running in the cloud. And you can move applications into the cloud, there are AMIs available that allow a fast implementation and where Oracle is already preconfigured.

From my perspective this is a clear indication on how the services offered by Amazon mature and get enterprise-ready. Companies that want to continue to get rid of their datacenters, escape the investments in hardware but also need to further utilize the licenses and skills they have with Oracle, can go ahead into the cloud. Consider the quite attractive pricing of AWS and we should see quick adoption in the market.

Vinnie considers this the biggest announcement from Oracle Open World and I cannot agree more.

Amazon has clearly outgrown the bookstore, logistics pro enterprise we have known for some years. Now they are going to change the IT market. I have written about them already in April. Revisit the article from Wired 16.05 to see how nicely this move fits into their vision and strategy.

Next stop: run SAP in an AWS EC2 instance on top of Oracle as database.

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