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Nicholas Carr: The Omnigoogle

Google differs from Microsoft in at least one very important way. The ends that Microsoft has pursued are commercial ends. It’s been in it for the money. Google, by contrast, has a strong messianic bent. The Omnigoogle is not just out to make oodles of money; it’s on a crusade – to liberate information for the masses – and is convinced of its righteousness in pursuing its cause. Depending on your point of view as you look forward to the next ten years, you’ll find that either comforting or not.

Dare Obasanjo: The New Browser Wars: The Best Features of the new Generation of Browsers

With the releases of betas of Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 as well as the recent release of Firefox 3, the pundits are all in a tizzy about the the new browser wars. I don’t know if it is a war or not but I do like the fact that in the past few months we’ve seen clear proof that the end user experience when browsing the Web is going to get an upgrade for the majority of Web users.

Whenever there is such active competition between vendors, customers are typically the ones that benefit and the “new browser wars” are no different. Below are some of the features and trends in the new generation of browsers that has me excited about the future of the Web browsing user experience

  • One Process Per Tab
  • Smarter Address Bars
  • Restoring Previous Browsing Sessions
  • Search Suggestions
  • Offline Support
  • The most interesting thing about this list is that if you follow the pronouncements from various pundits on sites like Techmeme, you’d think all of these features were originated by Google and appeared for the first time in Chrome.

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    Und Volker mit zwei Talks zum Thema “Learning”, in den Kommentaren der Link zu Sir Ken Robinsons Präsentation auf der TED-Konferenz.