Magazine snippets

Snippets from reading some magazines on the plane yesterday:

One that made me chuckle, but you know for sure from whom this is – and adressed towards whom:

Thanks for the endorsement, white-haired dude, and I want America to know that I m, like, totally ready to lead.

One that was both shocking and touching: Alex Perry in Time:

On a reporting trip a few weeks ago to southern Ethiopia, where hunger now threatens millions, photographer Thomas Dworzak and I visited the village of Gode. Some 20 children had died there. We saw goats, cows and chickens roaming. We asked, Why hadn’t the villagers slaughtered the animals? Germeda Koro, who had two children being treated for malnutrition, replied: “Look, maybe one or two children get sick. But if you kill your animals, you’re ruining the whole family.” In the absence of billions more dollars for long-term development, that is what planning looks like in Ethiopia today. Letting a child die to save a family.