Microblogging, Twitter performance and scalability

Russell bringt es auf den Punkt (via vowe):

The lesson from Twitter is that microblogs aren’t Content Management Systems at all, but are instead Messaging systems, and have to be architected as such. SMTP or EDI are our models here, not publishing or blogs.

Ja, ja und ja. Und dann kommt Ted Dziuba und sagt (via Stefan Tilkov):

Dude, your app isn’t having scalability problems because of the architecture.  It’s having scalability problems because you coded a ton of N^2 loops into it and you’re too self-important to get peer reviews on your commits.

Also doch nicht nur die Architektur? Wohl doch, denn dabei muss man auch überlegen, wohin (nicht nur wie) eine Applikation skalieren soll:

the system you design to handle a quarter million users is going to be different from the system you design to handle ten million users

Hoffnung gibt es, denn die wenigsten Applikationen stoßen in Twitter-Regionen vor:

You don’t need to worry about scalability on your Rails-over-Mysql application because nobody is going to use it.  Really.  Believe me.  You’re going to get, at most, 1,000 people on your app, and maybe 1% of them will be 7-day active.  Scalability is not your problem, getting people to give a shit is.

Dazu nun Musik von den Doors: This is the end….